The Cubs aren’t a baseball club anymore.

No longer a franchise.

But they still operate as a minor league team with a big name.

And their major league roster continues to grow every year. 

The Cubs won the World Series this year and their first division title since 2004, but there’s no longer a baseball franchise.

The team is in a state of limbo. 

A year after the team signed veteran catcher Luis Aparicio to a four-year, $30 million deal, it is trying to figure out how to keep the former first baseman in the big leagues, while keeping him in town.

It seems the Cubs have no plan, no way to go forward with a new deal for Aparico, whose contract expires in 2019.

He’s a free agent this winter.

And that leaves the door open for a new contract.

And the Cubs don’t want to let him walk.

So they are hoping Apario will play in 2017, or even 2018.

Or they could use his service as a bargaining chip.

“It’s an exciting time, but you never know,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said this week.

“We’ve got to figure it out.

I mean, I think everybody understands, we’re trying to get it right.

But I don’t know if you’re going to get this right.”

The Cubs are trying to do right by their own players.

Aparicos contract expires at the end of the 2019 season.

The Cubs are in a precarious position, because they’ve given players like Aparo so much in the past, but now they’re going through a tough time.

And they don’t have many other options. 

“It is a challenge,” Aparios manager Brian Duquette said.

“It’s not a pleasant situation.

It’s a challenge for everyone.

It is a tough situation.”

Duquettes response was an understatement.

“It does take a toll on everyone,” he said. 

I’m sure a lot of guys feel that way.

And I’m sure the team is not thrilled with the direction we’re going in.

But it’s our job as a staff, and as a team, to make sure that everybody is going in the right direction.

We just have to keep doing what we’ve been doing.

“The players are in agreement.

A few weeks ago, Cubs players were celebrating the team’s recent World Series title win.

They’re now working hard to stay in the game and playing to win the pennant, which would give them an even better chance at a World Series.

That’s not how you do things in baseball. 

So the Cubs are looking at the next steps.

They could trade Aparics contract, or they could sign another one and keep him for another year.

But either way, they won’t be playing for the next few years.

The Cubs donít know how to do it right now.

There are no plans for a full rebuild, nor any other plans.

Apericos deal was a big part of the reason they haven’t done so well this season.

It gives them the money they need to stay competitive, but also puts them at risk of having to make another bad trade. 

They need to make a decision quickly.

The team is going through the process of trying to find a new home for Aperico, as well as find a way to keep him in Chicago.

But Duquets team is looking to sign a major league pitcher as well. 

Duquettes team wants to get more out of a pitcher, but they doníT have a strong desire to sign one right now, Duquetts said.

The only player on their team who has been traded this offseason is catcher Hector Rondon, who was released.

He has a $1.5 million option for 2018 and the Cubs would like to get him for nothing.”

I know Hector has a lot to offer us,” Maddon told reporters this week, “and I know we have to be smart and not do things like that.

It would be good for us.

“If Aparicios contract isnít renewed, DuQuetts team is open to finding a replacement.

The manager said that’s one of the reasons the team didnít sign Rondon.

Itís not clear if he is on the roster, but Duquettts said he would like an option for 2019.

That would give Duquétts team flexibility to go in another direction.

Duquets plan to sign Aparisios, Duquinets assistant general manager for baseball operations, told the Chicago Tribune.

And if that doesnít happen, the team will look for another catcher to help fill the hole.

Duquetts team wants a catcher, but the Cubs might be forced to give him a bigger deal than heís worth, a source told the Tribune.

DuQuets team also wants