The $3.9 billion Virginia Tunnel will be the most costly tunnel in the country to use, but it’s not a bad choice for a place with such limited resources.

The Virginia Tunnel is just one of more than 100 tunnels being considered by the federal government to provide the public with access to tunnels.

Virginia Tunnel construction began in April 2020 and the project has been going at full speed ever since.

The tunnel was built to provide access to the Chesapeake Bay, but the current schedule has put the project on hold until 2020.

The tunnel has a capacity of just over 8 miles, but that doesn’t include the extra water that would be needed to accommodate additional people.

It also has a cost to build of $2.8 billion.

To make room for all the water, the tunnel has been designed to extend from the Potomac River to the Virginia border, a project that would cost a total of $1.8 trillion, according to a Department of Transportation study.

The project would also add a 1,000-foot-wide pedestrian bridge over the Potosac River, the biggest in the U.S. The bridge will be built to accommodate the construction of a new elevated crossing over the Cheshire Bridge.

The $3 billion Virginia tunnel is the second-most expensive tunnel in a single state behind only the $3,800 per foot tunnel in Utah.

Other projects in the top three include the $1,500 per foot bridge across the Ohio River, which has a $4.5 billion price tag and the $5,200 per foot pedestrian bridge across I-71 in New Jersey.