High-tech cars with the ability to take the driver out of their car and into a virtual tunnel can be quite useful.

And now a high-tech truck is being developed that can carry two people and pull them across the country at the same time.

A prototype of the truck is set to hit the road this year in the form of a fully functional prototype called the Tractor Tunnel Buddy.

The vehicle is expected to be able to pull a passenger between two locations at speeds of up to 35 mph and can also be towed with one of its wheels.

It has been developed by California-based engineering company High-Traction Engineering and has been dubbed the “Tractor Tunnel Bike” by the company.

The truck will be able pull passengers between two points, or “tunnels,” in the country.

The tunnel is typically located along the interstate highway system.

The Tractor can pull between a pair of tunnels with one wheel attached to the truck, or one of the two.

The trucks ability to pull passengers is just one of many uses the truck could have, according to the company’s founder, David Hwang.

He told the Los Angeles Times that the truck will eventually be used in the development of transportation systems, including road construction and traffic management systems.

The Tractor is one of two trucks being developed by High-Speed Technologies, a Texas-based company that makes trucks.

The other is a truck that will transport the president of China, a spokesman for High-Tech Technologies told Business Insider.