It’s an idea so bold that even some of the city’s most conservative elected officials have called it an experiment.

The $100 million Lincoln Tunnel was built in the 1950s to link the city to the New York Central Railroad.

The tunnel was originally named after the state of Illinois.

It was supposed to be completed by the end of the year.

But that wasn’t to be.

The city was forced to shut down in June 2019 for two months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

That left only a few weeks to get the work done, and the city shut down on Nov. 9, 2019, when the coronivirus pandemics ended.

 Then, the Lincoln Tunnel opened again, only this time it had an even greater design flaw.

The New York Times reported in October that the tunnel was “carped” in its entirety, with tunnels underneath the tunnel that ran down into the street below, creating an uneven floor that led to dangerous gaps.

The Times also said the tunnel’s designers “have not identified the reason for the caved-in state of the tunnel,” adding that the city would need a $1.5 billion repair.

The Lincoln Tunnel is now only open for about 20 minutes a day, so the city has had to shut it down for an entire month just to keep the tunnels open.

“We’ve been trying to find solutions for years, but no one had any idea how we would fix it,” city engineer Tom Dominguez said in October.

The new design, however, was born out of necessity.

The state of New York had to stop spending money on construction of the Lincoln tunnels after it became clear that the state was going to be unable to keep its obligations.

The problem was, the state had already spent $2.4 billion on the project, so they needed to cut the cost.

So, they decided to shut the tunnels down in order to keep them open.

In addition to the cost, the cost of repairing the tunnels, which were built with the help of the federal government, is a concern.

According to the Lincoln-Nebraska Historical Society, the tunnels are expected to take a century to fully repair.

It’s not clear if the cost will be fixed, or if they will continue to require the state to pay the full cost of the tunnels in order for them to reopen.

In the meantime, Lincoln Tunnel has been a place where the city looks forward to welcoming visitors, but it also has a reputation for making people nervous.

Many residents of Lincoln City are afraid to use the tunnel because they feel like they are in a scary place.

In addition, many residents of the area are not sure that the tunnels will be safe once they reopen.

It has been said that the Lincoln Tunnels are a ghost town, but people have always talked about it in hushed tones.

In fact, Lincoln residents are known to say that the best part of the Tunnel is how the people of Lincoln get along.

“When you come here you’re greeted by people who are very friendly,” said a resident of Lincoln.

“They greet you by name, they’ll ask you questions about your job, and they’ll even give you a handkerchief.”