The video, posted on YouTube by a user called DonnerTunnel, shows an underwater tunnel at a San Diego hotel.

It appears to be made of glass, and there are no signs of any kind of water or water-borne debris.

It is the kind of thing that you’d find in a hotel, not a construction site.

According to the video, the tunnel, built in the 1960s, was designed to connect two adjacent areas of the hotel’s oceanfront hotel and spa.

It was used for two separate purposes: for people to stay in one hotel while the rest of the building was being constructed, and to help ensure that water would be flowing into the spa and hotel’s pools.

The tunnel was also used to help remove sand and debris that had fallen from the sky onto the hotel.

The video then shows the tunnel being lifted off of the ground and up onto the roof of the spa.

The pool is still visible from the roof, but a sign at the entrance says the tunnel has been removed.

Donner said the tunnel was used to test out the idea of underwater plumbing in hotels, as well as to give hotel owners the option of installing underwater plumbing for guests.

The tunnel’s creators, Donner and Michael Bevan, said in a statement that the project was not intended to be an underwater sewage treatment facility.

They added that they wanted to “show the public that they can do what they want and that there is an underwater option,” and that the tunnel would eventually be built over a large lake that would help keep water off the hotel building.