Floodwaters inundated the Lincoln Tunnel this morning.

The National Weather Service said the Lincoln’s drainage system is still failing.

The water from the water main washes out of the tunnel, causing it to flood.

The flooding caused a major disruption in the Lincoln and surrounding area.

The storm dumped more than two feet of water over two miles of road, causing more than 100 accidents.

It was reported the Lincoln tunnel flooded with two feet in two hours, causing an estimated $2 million in damage.

There are reports of at least three deaths, with another reported.

The Lincoln Tunnel’s water main is now failing and the entire project is at risk.

According to the Lincoln Police Department, the water that washes into the Lincoln will continue to drain into the tunnel and into the river.

There is a mandatory evacuation of the Lincoln for people with personal watercraft and a curfew is in effect.

The tunnel was flooded with a total of 1,000 gallons of water, according to the Washington Post.