Bankhead Tube is the most popular tube station in Britain, with passengers spending an average of £300 on an average day.

But there is an even better way to save money – and that is by taking a trip through a tunnel in the station.BBC News: Where to buy ticketsTo get a ticket to the Bankhead Tunnel, which is a 1,100m long tunnel, you have to walk to the station from the station itself.

The tunnel, a long tunnel in a field, has the feel of a medieval castle with a castle courtyard.

The Bankhead Railway is the name given to the railway which connects the station to the underground rail system.

Image caption A train passes through the Bankidet tunnel in Bankhead in EnglandA trip to the bankhead tunnels is not an ordinary trip.

You need to be physically present to take the Tube.

You need to enter the tunnel at the corner of Bankhead Street and Bankhead Road, and then follow a track along the track.

The train then passes through a long corridor of platforms that connect the station with the Underground Railway.

Image copyright ThinkstockImage caption Inside the Bankwilk Tunnel, there is a staircase that takes you up to the top of the tunnel.

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