A new tool for testing wind tunnel injury is on the way.

A new non-invasive test will be made available to the public in late 2019, a month ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Reuters reported.

The test is the result of collaboration between the National Wind Tunneling Laboratory and the University of Minnesota.

The tool is a flexible tube with an air-tight seal designed to test the wind tunnel’s strength and stiffness.

A pressure gauge on the tube measures how much pressure the tube is being stretched against.

The researchers tested a variety of materials including nylon, aluminum, copper, steel and gold to find out how well the tube holds against strain and bending.

The tests showed the tube’s stiffness was significantly better than the previous best.

“We are now very confident that the device is safe and is a good tool for detecting wind tunnel injured individuals,” said David Buss, assistant professor in the UW’s College of Engineering.

The non-inspection test is not the first time a non-wind tunnel injury test has been developed.

A similar device was used in 2010 in a study of the effects of wind tunnel tunneling on the brain.