A termite has dug a tunnel through the ground at the centre of a residential block in west London.

The tunnel has been dug for more than a year, using bulldozers and a series of power tools, in a residential area of Tower Hamlets.

The area was first spotted by a neighbour in October, and the work has continued ever since.

Residents say the tunnel has blocked roads and blocked their access to their properties, as well as the entrance to their homes.

It is not known how many people live in the block, but there are several other buildings in the area.

It comes as more than 30 homes and three schools were evacuated after a termites’ nest was discovered in one of the houses.

Trees and debris were also found nearby, which residents say is a result of the termites digging the tunnel.

Residents have been advised to avoid the area at all costs, and to remove any trees that may be in the path of the tunnel, as it is an obstruction to the road.

Trevor Johnson, who lives on the block with his wife and two young children, said: ‘It’s a massive problem, especially as we are going through a huge growth of termites.’

We have a lot of trees that are close to the entrance, so the termite is going through those trees and the tree roots will go through the tree.’

The tunnel was dug by a team of workers from the council, and is believed to be about five metres deep.

Mr Johnson added: ‘I can’t believe it’s even been done.

I think we’ve just been lucky.’

It’s just completely devastating to the environment and to the people who live around it.’

He added that the residents should make sure to leave all the rubbish outside, as they may have to clear up the tunnels in the future.