NEW YORK — How do you pronounce the words Gotthard Tunnel and New York’s subway tunnel?

If you’re reading this article from New York, you probably don’t have a clue either.

The word Gotthards is an abbreviation of Gotthar, which is short for Gotthild.

But in this case, Gotthars is short of Gothe, meaning Gothenburg.

If that doesn’t make you a tunnel nerd, you’re not alone.

There are plenty of tunnel nerds, including New Yorkers.

In New York City, the word is used to refer to a series of tunnels, often in New York state.

To those in New England, the term Tunnel synonym means the same thing.

As the term tunnel comes to be used in the U.S., many of the terms are also used in Europe.

Tunnel synonyms are not always easy to pronounce.

Here are a few of the pronunciations.

Moffat Tunnel This term refers to the French subway, also known as the M.T.R.M.A.A., or M.P.T., which was originally built in the late 19th century.

It is sometimes referred to as the St. Paul’s subway.

This is a subway, not a tunnel, according to the U,S.

National Transportation Safety Board.

Gotthard Tube This refers to a tunnel built in Gotthold, Sweden, in the early 20th century, and is named after Gotthald, the first known person to travel the subway system.

Gothe Tunnel The name Gothe refers to Gothen, a city in Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Gothe is also the name of a city on the island of Gotland, which borders Sweden.

 Gothe and Gotthand are Swedish words, and they are the same.

Hobart Tunnel It’s a tunnel located in Hobart, Australia, and also called the Hobart Tunnel.

According to Wikipedia, Hobart was first built in 1878.

A Hobart is a narrow tunnel used to transport goods.

And Hobart also refers to an Australian state, the New South Wales, which shares its name with Hobart.

London Underground This means a tunnel running beneath London, England, and refers to its subway system, the Underground.

Like Hobart and Gothe tunnels, the tube in London is also named after a city.

New York’s Tunnel Not surprisingly, the name New York is the same as the tunnel in New Jersey, which was named after the city.