When the Toblerone Bridge opened in September, the world of New York City took a step back and turned to a different city.

New York became the new destination for those who liked to drink and party.

New Yorkers who had lived in Manhattan all their lives, but had now decided to move to the East Village, saw their lives completely transformed.

For those who were already in New York and wanted to explore the city for themselves, the idea of heading to the city of their birth was now the first and last stop in their itinerary.

“The idea of moving to New York is still very fresh,” said David Kappos, who was living in New Jersey and was visiting family in Connecticut when he saw the Tobelone Bridge opening.

“I was excited to go to New Orleans, but I had a feeling that I had already been there.”

Kappo is one of the millions of people who have already tried the Tobilone Bridge.

His son and daughter-in-law were both visiting New York in October and decided to take the Toblone Bridge with them.

When they went back home to Connecticut on Christmas Eve, Kappas son was so excited to meet them that he even called them to congratulate them.

“When I was on the phone with him, he said, ‘Dad, I think I just got a little excited,'” Kappis said.

Kapp is a senior in college and is a resident of East New York.

His wife, Laura, is a graduate student in psychology.

They have four children, including two boys, who are studying at St. Olaf College.

While they were excited about the possibility of spending time in New Orleans with their kids, Koppos was worried about the safety of his son.

“My concern was that I could not take my son with me on the trip,” he said.

When Kapp and his wife left New York, they wanted to be sure they were safe, but they weren’t quite ready to move out of their own city.

They started researching options and were eventually able to locate an apartment with a friend’s apartment and an apartment that would fit their needs.

They were able to book the apartment and set the date for the next weekend.

The next day, their apartment was ready and Kapp’s son and his friends could make the journey to New England.

Kopps son and family stayed in their apartment for about a week before they boarded the ferry to New Hampshire.

The ferry journey was a blur, but their trip to New Bedford, Mass., was much smoother.

The boys had been playing soccer with friends on the day they boarded, but when they got off the ferry, the family was on their own.

“It was just such a wonderful experience,” Kapp said.

The family had planned to go back to New Jersey to stay with their friends, but after staying for two weeks, they decided to stop to explore New England for themselves.

The experience was not without its challenges.

“We had a lot of traffic,” Kopp said.

“Our house was a lot less than ideal, but we were able for the most part to navigate the city.”

The boys are now attending St. Albans College in Vermont, where Kapp has developed a passion for business.

The two were recently chosen as the first students to be honored for their work.

“That was one of my biggest goals when I was deciding to move,” Kapos said.

He also hopes to get a degree in psychology and start working in finance.

Kallis Kallas, who is a sophomore at St tome College in New Bedford and plans to study abroad in the fall, was planning to visit New York for a weekend when she heard about the Tobleone Bridge coming online.

Kallo is one half of the popular music duo, The B-52s, and has been writing music for years.

She was inspired by the experience of the Toblemans and thought she would be able to share her story with the world.

She said that she and her boyfriend, Chris, have been friends for years and plan to take a trip to the Toblo Bridge in September.

“Being able to see people and talk to them is so nice,” she said.

In order to be a part of the project, Kallys boyfriend has to get an appointment at St Albans.

“Chris and I are already pretty close and have known each other for a long time,” Kallisa said.

Chris, who works as a waiter at a hotel, said that he plans to take his girlfriend and his two friends along on their trip.

“They’re just amazing people, so it’s definitely something we’d like to do,” he told ABC News.

In addition to a few friends, Kallo and Kallinas son will be taking a boat ride together.

Kalli’s son has