Posted September 20, 2018 07:00:50 A tunnel-digging enthusiast in California is calling on people to look for ant tunnels.

In fact, he’s asking them to stop digging them.

Robert Pfeifer is a tunnel-diver and former employee of the Hoover Dam.

He said he was working with a group of engineers to remove the Hoover dam from the riverbed when he saw ants running around inside the tunnel.

“When I first got to the tunnel, I noticed that there were ants, which were very active,” Pfefer told ABC News.

“I was really surprised.”

Pfeifer said the ants were running up and down the tunnel walls, and eventually came to the top.

“The ants came to me and I told them to stay out of the tunnel,” he said.

Pfefer then found a small, brown ant and tried to get it out.

The ants didn’t seem to care.

“It was like an old friend.

They came to my hand and they took off with me,” he added.PFEIFER said he then found another one of the ants in the tunnel and put it back inside.

The next day, he was able to see a third ant.

“It’s got a little bit of a hole in it, but it doesn’t seem too bad,” he explained.

“If it was a human, it wouldn’t have lasted much longer.”PFEIFFER said the ant tunnel was a favorite for tunnel divers, who love to get a glimpse of what goes on inside.

“We like to have a peek in there,” he continued.

“So it’s a perfect spot to find some ants.

It’s very interesting to see.”

Ant tunnels are known for their eerie appearance.

“We have a bunch of ant tunnels around here, and we always see them, and I think it’s just the look of them, the way they move and the way their eyes move,” PFEIFERT said.

He said he is still working to find out what the ants might be up to.