By Lauren MottramThe tunnels below the city of Shanghai are like the Golden Gate Bridge, but better.

You know they’re a great place to ride a bike, but you don’t know how much longer it’s going to last.

The Shanghai Toll Plaza has a lot to offer, especially if you live in Shanghai and want to see the city’s most famous toll plaza.

The Shanghai Toll Tower has been in operation since the 1950s, but the current structure has undergone numerous upgrades.

It’s the second-tallest building in the world after the Empire State Building, and is also the largest, with a height of 1,532 feet.

The tallest structure in the city is the Guangzhou Tower, which sits on the west side of the main Shanghai Tower.

The Guangzhou is the tallest structure on the skyline, at 1,817 feet.

But the Shanghai is not the only one to have two or three towers in the same plaza.

It also has a third, named the Shanghai Skybridge, which is taller than the other two, but is the most visible structure.

When you enter the Shanghai Toll Center, you’re greeted by a sign telling you the entrance fee is 10 yuan, which can easily run you $100.

Once inside, you walk up a long hall to a large room where a group of people is waiting for you.

The room is bright, and there’s a bar on the far side of a long bar.

In the center of the room, there’s an entrance and a window to a tunnel.

It looks like it might be a subway, but it’s actually a tunnel with stairs.

The tunnel is full of people waiting for a toll booth, which are all wearing brightly colored shirts and hats.

You can also take a selfie in front of the entrance and it will automatically show the toll toll booth number.

It can take about 20 minutes to get there.

The tunnels are pretty long, about 50 feet wide, and about 100 feet long.

They are connected by escalators that go down the length of the building.

The toll booth is located on the left side of an escalator that leads to the toll plaza, so you have to walk a little further down to get to the door.

If you want to get into the building, you need to use the escalator down the hall.

The entrance is on the second floor.

Once you walk into the lobby, there are two escalators to the second level of the structure, but they’re not very far apart.

You have to go through a series of elevators and escalators in a maze of stairs.

You also have to climb the stairs in a circle before entering the building where you can take a picture with the toll booth.

The entrance is at the top of the stairs.

The first floor has a restaurant and a cafe.

The second floor has an exhibition hall, where you have a chance to get some photos.

The third floor has the building’s elevators.

You need to get up to the top floor and use them to climb into the third floor.

If the elevators don’t work, there is a tunnel below the building that you can use.

Once in the building you have the chance to take a photo of yourself and the tolls will be charged to your credit card.

The third floor is also where the subway takes you to the Shanghai.

You walk up the stairs and you’re in a tunnel of escalators.

It takes you about 30 minutes to climb up to this level.

The elevators are pretty small and you have some trouble with them because there is no escalator to get down to the bottom floor.

The escalators take you to a room with a sign that says “Toll Booth”.

There are two signs on the wall that say, “Pay tolls here”, “Pay by credit card”, and “Pay using mobile phone”.

The third sign is a picture of a toll machine.

You are given a PIN number, which you have at the end of the tunnel.

There are also other signs that say “Tolls charged to credit card” and “Tests conducted here”.

You can get in to the tunnel by taking the elevator.

There are three entrances to the building at the far end of a hall.

One is on a stairway that leads down to a restaurant, while the other one is on an elevator.

The restaurant is located in the center.

The next elevator takes you up to a building with escalators and another with stairs, but no elevator.

You enter through a hole in the wall.

The elevator to the third level is on this floor.

You can take your picture on the fourth floor.

You’re on the third and fourth floor, which has a bar with TVs.

You want to take the stairs down to enter the bar.

The stairs go down to this hallway that is separated by a glass door.

The first floor is