Deepcoil Tunnel Treatment is an innovative treatment option for the treatment of tunnel falls and collapses.

As it’s a type of concrete tunnel, it is made of a mixture of rock and water, which is then pumped through a series of pipes that connect the outside of the tunnel to the inside of the structure. 

The tunnels are built using the same techniques that are used to build hospitals and other high-profile structures. 

But unlike a hospital, which uses concrete to support the tunnel structure, the treatment uses rock and steel instead.

The treatment consists of a series. 

Each section of the treatment tunnel is capped with a thick concrete shell and then covered with a layer of a protective film. 

As the treatment runs through the tunnel, a hydraulic pressure plate is installed, allowing the pressure to push the cement shell into the tunnel.

The rock in the tunnel is then crushed into a powder called cement.

The cement powder is then compressed and used as a sealant to prevent the rock from sticking to the walls of the tunnels. 

After a tunnel is sealed, it needs to be treated for two weeks to fully dissolve. 

Deepcoil treatment has been proven to be safe and effective for treating tunnel falls in the US and Europe. 

In 2018, a group of people from the US, Europe and China participated in the Deepcoill Tunnel Trials, a program run by the US National Science Foundation. 

It’s hoped that Deepcoils will be used to treat other types of tunnel collapses and that the process could be expanded to other areas. 

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