A Chinese tunnel was designed to save a man’s life, but when it failed it put a hole in the heart of the city, police say.

It happened on Monday night in Shanghai, China, after a man had a heart attack, police said.

The man, who has not been identified, was driving along the busy intersection of Tiananmen Square with his wife and children when the accident happened, police told Xinhua.

The car hit a large crane at the corner of Tiananshan Road and Tiananmens Street, a city police spokesman said.

At the same time, the crane’s arm swung forward to support the car, the spokesman said, and then fell to the ground.

The car hit another crane that was being used to haul the man’s wife and three children into a car parked nearby, and that one also fell.

The man died of his injuries.

The accident happened just minutes after the first crane collapsed on its own, and the rescue operation lasted several hours.

“The driver and his wife were walking through the tunnel at the time,” the spokesman told Xinha.

“When they came to the next exit, they heard a loud noise and saw a person falling into the tunnel.”

The tunnel opened on Wednesday morning, and authorities immediately rushed the man and his family to the nearby hospital.

The family has since been allowed to rest and are back in their hotel.

The tunnel reopened Friday night, and it was reopened again Monday morning, when the man was taken to a nearby hospital with chest pain and a slight fever.

The tunnel was installed in 2006 by a company called TCL Engineering, and its operator, Shanghai Tunnel Tunnel Company, said that in the past two years it has been the main location for major construction projects, such as the reconstruction of the world’s longest-known tunnel in the Congo, which has been closed since 2010 due to safety concerns.