A non-tunneled catheters used in Disney’s “The Jungle Book” is now inside the Disney Underground tunnels, according to a new report.

Disney officials say the non-truckered catheter, which was used to treat a rare case of pneumonia in one of its most beloved characters, was placed inside a rain tunnel for an unknown amount of time.

It wasn’t immediately clear why the catheter was inside the rain tunnel.

The Disney Underground is a three-mile (4.5 km) underground tunnel that connects Disney parks around the world.

The tunnel is closed to visitors and guests only during the spring, summer and fall.

Disney says that the nontunnel catheter is the first non-traditional catheter to be found in an underground tunnel.

“It was found inside a tunnel that was used for medical treatment,” Disney said in a statement.

“The tunnel has been closed for two months and the company will be taking further measures to further minimize the risk of infection in the tunnel.”