The baby tunnel in Elizabeth River tunnels has finally been solved.

It was the result of a breakthrough in the lab of Dr. Avi Shabana, head of the tunnel division at the Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Medical Center.

It is the first time a baby tunnel has been solved in Israel.

The breakthrough came after Dr. Shabna and his colleagues conducted a series of tests on a baby and found that it had a problem.

The problem was the tunnel’s length.

As a result, the baby tunnel was only a half-meter long.

In contrast, Dr. Ashraf Sefar, a professor of medicine and neurosurgery at the University of Tel Aviv, found that a baby can travel an inch or more, and his team found that he could also travel an additional inch or two.

They also discovered that the baby can walk and run without problems.

In addition, they were able to eliminate some of the risk associated with the baby’s head being stuck in the tunnel, and they were also able to make the tunnel less dangerous to the baby.

The baby tunnels are not a permanent solution for all babies, but Dr. Sefy said that this breakthrough is an important step toward making babies comfortable and safe in tunnels.

In the future, Drs.

Shabbana and Sefal have plans to expand the baby tunnels to include additional tunnels, to accommodate more babies and older adults, and to make them safer for both parents and babies.

As for Dr. Rami Elitzur, head researcher at the Sackler University’s department of obstetrics and gynecology, the tunnel was made using an innovative technique that involves creating a large amount of glue.

The glue is then used to hold the tunnel in place.

The tunnel was the first to be made in the tunnels of the Elie Harel, a former Israeli prime minister who served from 1979 to 1985, according to Dr. Elitzurg.

“We found that the tunnel could be constructed with less than one-third of the strength of the previous attempts,” Dr. Drach said.

“With the addition of the glue, we could easily build the baby chamber with the strength and safety of the tunnels before.”

The baby’s name is Avi, but his parents, Dray, a construction worker, and Avi Yerushalmi, a teacher, chose his first name to be the baby because he has “the name of a son.”

The tunnel is now closed, and Dr. Efraim said that the first baby will be delivered on Monday.

As an added bonus, the new baby will not have to be transferred to another hospital for more tests.

“This is an incredible achievement for a baby, and we hope that we can improve it even further,” Dr Efran said.

The news comes less than a month after another baby tunnel, also in the Eliel Harel area, was opened to the public.

The second tunnel was opened in June 2017 after the tunnel section was damaged in a fire in 2015.

The fire was brought under control and the tunnel opened again to the general public.

It remains to be seen how much success Dr. Yerishalmi has had with his tunnel.

“I don’t know if we can make it safe and comfortable for the baby,” Dr Yeroshalmi said.