It was a bizarre experience for a wheelchair-bound passenger during a long flight from New York to London on a British Airways Boeing 777.

The passenger was flying in an Air France Airbus A321-200 in the first leg of her flight from London to Paris.

She was also on the second leg of the journey from London, and her luggage had already been checked and packed.

The Airbus A320 had been diverted from New Jersey to the UK after the US state of New Jersey said the jet could not fly due to a problem with a valve on one of its two engines.

It was a major problem for the airline and a delay of about two weeks in its flight from Newark to London caused by the delay.

The delay was caused by a problem that affected the jet’s electrical system.

Air France said the problem affected its engine system and that the problem had been fixed.

Air India was also forced to take a day off the flight after a passenger complained of dizziness while the plane was flying over a mountainous area in India.

It is not known what caused the dizziness.

Air Canada said the pilot had to make a quick decision to stop the flight because the plane needed to be grounded.

The incident happened on a weekend trip from London Heathrow to Paris, when the airline said the plane could not continue on its scheduled route because of the engine problem.

The incident has forced the airline to cancel about 200 flights and suspend all its planned routes.