Gates said he has not decided if he will continue working for Microsoft, but he is concerned about the country’s economic recovery and worries that his retirement may affect his family.

“We have a lot of young people coming up who are thinking, ‘I want to be an entrepreneur or I want to work for a big company, but what if my mom or dad is in a wheelchair?’

And I think it’s really important that we have this conversation,” Gates said in a telephone interview from his home in Seattle.

“So that’s one reason I’m not quite sure if I will work for Microsoft.”

“I do think the economy is improving, and I do think it will improve,” Gates added.

“But I don’t know that there’s a silver lining to it.

I don, too, worry about the economy, because I think a lot people have been hit by the financial crisis.””

The economy is not great, but I think that the American people are getting better at dealing with this and we’re not just dealing with a problem that’s affecting some small number of people.

We’re dealing with the economy of the entire world,” Gates continued.

“And that’s why I’m thinking about what it would take to make sure that I’m still able to do my job and that my family is still able as well.”

Microsoft CEO Bill Gates said last month that he will not continue working at Microsoft after announcing his retirement.

| AP Photo Gates: My retirement is not a decision to be made ‘right now’Gates also said that his decision is not based on his political leanings, which are aligned with those of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, the former secretary of state.

“I’ve said this from the beginning, and the truth is, I think this is a very good time to be a CEO,” Gates, 71, said at a conference in March.

“We are at a time in which we’re in a new economy where we’re creating a new workforce and a new job market that is going to be the envy of the world, and so I think the right thing to do is to be able to make the best of a great opportunity.”

“That’s what I will do as CEO, and that’s what it is to me,” Gates further added.

“And so I will continue to be here, and my family will continue in the same place I am, and we will be able, I will be proud of the accomplishments that we’ve accomplished.”

But Gates has not ruled out a future role at Microsoft, which was founded in 1957 and has more than 50,000 employees worldwide.

“It’s a business, and if I had the choice, I would choose to continue to run the company, to run it for the long haul,” Gates told reporters.

“I think the company’s business model is strong, and it’s a great company.

And I’m proud of its future.”

Gates’ announcement came amid a national debate over whether a large swath of the American workforce should be required to get government jobs and if so, how many of them should be expected to get those jobs.

At least five states and the District of Columbia have passed legislation requiring people in certain occupations to get federal employment, and two other states are considering legislation to require that most of those workers be covered by government benefits.

Other states have also passed laws mandating some type of government workforce certification, such as an associate degree, to help people transition to the new economy.

But no one has yet proposed legislation requiring everyone to get a government job or have their benefits covered.

A federal appeals court last month ruled that the federal government can require a certain number of workers to get jobs and that it can require people to get certain types of government benefits, such work-related travel and health insurance.

But some Democratic lawmakers have criticized the Obama administration for failing to do enough to ensure that government workers get government benefits and have access to government benefits in the new world.

“Government jobs should be a right, not a privilege.

And it is a right of all Americans to participate in our country,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in an interview with The Hill.

“Government workers have the right to have health care, they have the duty to pay taxes, they can attend school, they’re free to travel.

And yet, the president refuses to acknowledge this basic American right.””

And we need a president who will lead us out of this recession by providing the necessary support to make government jobs a reality,” Schumer added.